Boosting organic growth by 2158% through SEO

Long-term work on SEO optimization and content strategy development brought many happy users – organically.



Fashion magazine in need of data clarity

Grazia is one of the most prominent European fashion and beauty magazines. For their digital edition, we created a fresh approach to content and SEO optimisation. That way, we helped the redaction to make informed decisions and users to find and engage with their content.

Organic growth was the focus no.1

The primary objective was clear: significantly increase organic traffic to We aimed to put Grazia on the radar as a great destination for fashion and lifestyle without the ad spend

Our strategic approach resulted in significant growth in key metrics

Increase in organic users




Increase in organic sessions




Increase in organic page views




Building a long-term loyal audience demands effort

The crowded fashion and lifestyle media sector posed a significant challenge. first needed to attract new visitors, then engage them deeply enough to keep them coming back. We repeated and improved the recipe systematically over time through sustainable marketing strategies. All recommendations needed to be in line with both the reader’s interests and overall brand vision.

The three-step solution

We took a comprehensive approach to address Grazia’s needs:

SEO Audit and Optimization

Conducted a thorough SEO audit to enhance site visibility and improve search engine rankings through technical SEO and metadata improvements.

Content Strategy Development

Developed a detailed content strategy to guide the production of high-quality, engaging content. We focused on both trending and evergreen topics to ensure content relevancy and diversity.

Monthly SEO Support

Provided ongoing SEO support, offering guidance on content creation and general SEO practices. This allowed Grazia to concentrate on creating compelling content.

I am pleased to say that our cooperation with Risely resulted in dealing with huge milestone in development of our website.

The team did great job in assessing our needs, identifying major issues, resolving the obstacles as well as offering variety of solutions which they consequently implemented. The team itself presented great deal of knowledge, skills and not less important, social intelligence. Working with Risely team resulted in tangible evolution of our online business, and in the end offered measurable results.



The result? Two years of remarkable growth

The implementation of tailored SEO and content strategies led to outstanding organic growth:

Organic Traffic Surge
A dramatic increase in site visitors, with organic monthly users growing by over 1700%

Enhanced User Engagement
Strategic content initiatives resulted in higher user engagement, significantly improving session duration and Engagement rate.

Improved Search Rankings
Continuous optimisation helped achieve higher rankings for key search terms, increasing visibility and driving more traffic.

Domain Rating Increase
A significant rise in domain rating from 38 to 47 according to Ahrefs.

Boosted Brand Awareness
The campaign increased brand awareness, as evidenced by increased search volume for the Grazia brand and enhanced social media engagement.